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Dissociation trauma and psychosis

Dissociation, trauma and psychosis Dissociation is a "shutting down" of experience, memory, perception. Often but not always it is a reaction to trauma. Especially when physical escape is impossible, dissociation allows a victim to escape mentally. It is actually a survival mechanism. Dissociation happens pre-consciously. That is, before we can think about it, so it [...]

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Fellowship for Dr Kennedy

BABCP President Rob Newell congratulates Fiona at Warwick University Fiona has recently been awarded a Fellowship of the BABCP (British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists). Fellowships are awarded to members of the association who have made a significant contribution in cognitive behaviour therapy. Fiona's work in India using DBT to train Indian [...]

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Book: Get Your Life Back

A Self Help book A new self help book, out now! Get Your Life Back: The Best Therapies For a Better You Published by  Robinson This book combines CBT, ACT, CFT, DBT and mindfulness: all the most effective modern therapies. It takes you on a journey to get clear about what you want [...]

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