Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Training is now available through the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre

Praise for this course:

“World class”

“Fabulous, engaging trainer”

“The trainer has the ability to put across complex ideas in a simple, understandable way”

“Kept my attention for the whole day”

“At four o’clock we were told we had a chance to go if we were pressed for time…only on person did and on a Friday afternoon too!”

Course outlines

Introduction to DBT (1 day workshop)

This workshop will give participants a taster of the fundamental theory and skills of DBT. It incorporates a brief introduction to basic DBT theory, but the main aim is to teach participants the DBT skills of working with problems of motivation and engagement and how to structure an intervention, as well as mindfulness, validation and behaviour management. The workshop is focused on practical clinical skills and involves demonstrations. Participants will also learn about what happens when clients are referred to DBT services. All of the insights and skills taught will have relevance to participants’ normal practice.


DBT Knowledge & Skills (5 day workshop, including the 1 day ‘Introduction to DBT)

This workshop builds on the Introduction to DBT workshop, and provides training in some of the basic strategies used in DBT, as well as how to run a DBT skills group. It is suitable for those who want to integrate DBT approaches in their own work context. Strategies include commitment work; clarifying life goals and values; listing target behaviours to reduce; making a therapeutic contract; using validation; taking a dialectical stance; carrying out behavioural analyses and problem solving; structuring a DBT session; contingency management; exposure work and handling suicidal/self-harm crises. DBT skills taught to clients include mindfulness, interpersonal skills, crisis survival skills, emotion regulation and self-management skills. As with the ‘Introduction to DBT’, the workshop involves role-playing and demonstrations, in order to give participants hands-on experience and feedback


DBT Practitioner Certificate (5 days plus 4 days)

For participants who wish to attain the OCTC DBT Practitioner Certificate, this course builds on the previous workshops and is suitable for those who wish to provide DBT treatment. Admission  requires:

– Completion of DBT Knowledge and Skills and

– A period of supervised practice working with clients (normally 6 months) whilst receiving peer supervision and supervision.

The supervision can be organised by the participant within their own service or 6 x 1 hours sessions can be purchased from OCTC. During this time participants will also prepare a DBT casebook.

During this course each participant will present their casebook to the rest of the group. The group will act as peer supervision or a “Consult Group”, giving feedback and support, using DBT strategies and skills to do this. There will also be opportunities to catch up on areas of knowledge and practice, to discuss the progress of services being developed, to run a skills group role-play and to complete a DBT examination. Each participant will receive individual feedback indicating areas of strength and where to focus for further self-development. Participants who meet the assessment criteria will receive an OCTC DBT Practitioner Certificate. If the assessment criteria are not met, participants will be given clear guidance on how to achieve the standard.


Fiona Kennedy

Book One Day Intro
5 Day Putting DBT Into Your Practice
Practitioner Certificate