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Trauma, PTSD and Dissociation – Getting it Right. 2 Day Seminar

Duration – 2 days. Originally broadcast on 19 September 2019

The prevalence of dissociation responding in Type I and Type II trauma survivors and in many disorders is high – between 15 and 30% of PTSD diagnoses could be of the PTSD/D sub-type. Although all trauma responses can be formulated as dissociative theoretically, in practice there are two distinct presentations: reliving and flashbacks vs shutting down and freezing. Often the client presentation is a mix of these two types of symptoms.

Supercharge Your Practice with CBT+

Duration – 2 hours. Originally broadcast on 02 July 2019

This online workshop on CBT+ introduces a thought-through, integrated approach to therapy using the best of CBT, ACT, DBT and CFT. CBT and the ‘Third Wave’ therapies all offer evidence-based approaches to therapy. But how can we put them together to deliver the best of what works? CBT+ is a therapeutic approach integrating the best of all these therapies. It does this by understanding the psychological processes, which cause us distress and the psychological processes, which help us thrive.

Why you need to know about dissociation if you’re working with TRAUMA and PTSD

Duration – 2 hours. Originally broadcast on 13 June 2019

Post-traumatic responses can involve fight or flight (PTSD) or shutting down (dissociation). This webinar is about the fight or flight reactions: flashbacks, nightmares, anger, avoidance and arousal. Many of our clients have suffered trauma, and it is vital to address the effects of this. Timing is everything, and knowing which techniques to use.

PTSD – Fight or Flight – Get it Right!

Duration – 2 hours. Originally broadcast on 6 June 2019

Post-traumatic responses can involve fight or flight (PTSD) or shutting down (dissociation). This webinar is about the shutting down reactions: spacing out, freezing in terror, amnesia, out of body experiences, and personality problems. This often happens when the person has been helpless and unable to escape, when fight or flight doesn’t work.

The How and Why of Mindfulness

Duration – 2 hours. Originally broadcast on 9 May 2019

DBT has an extensive repertoire of mindfulness skills which are directly taught to clients and also fundamental to the practice of DBT. These skills and the ‘mindful practitioner’ stance are not confined to DBT, however. You can use them in your own practice to enhance the power of mindfulness work to maximum effect.

Guiding The Client on a Mindfulness Journey Webinar

Duration – 2 hours. Originally broadcast on 2 May 2019

The use of mindfulness in therapy is well established. But many therapists struggle to introduce mindfulness to clients in a way that makes sense and to embed it meaningfully in the therapy. This webinar explores introducing mindfulness and then managing the client’s experience and use of mindfulness to maximum effect.