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This online workshop on CBT+ introduces a thought-through, integrated approach to therapy using the best of CBT, ACT, DBT and CFT*.

CBT and the ‘Third Wave’ therapies all offer evidence-based approaches to therapy. But how can we put them together to deliver the best of what works? CBT+ is a therapeutic approach integrating the best of all these therapies. It does this by understanding the psychological processes, which cause us distress and the psychological processes, which help us thrive.

NAVIGATES is an acronym to help the therapist progress through the stages of CBT+ therapy:
Name the problem and build Awareness of the client’s thoughts, feelings, behaviours and body sensations. Clarify Values and Investigate the function of the problem behaviours. Set small Goals to move towards values and away from problem behaviours. Work on self Acceptance, Tackle Trauma, use Exposure to Emotions and teach new Skills.

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Learn how to

  • Deepen your understanding of how CBT, ACT, DBT and CFT can work together
  • Use NAVIGATES to guide yourself and your client through therapy
  • Clarify values
  • Analyse problem behaviour
  • Understand when to tackle trauma
  • Use the self-help book Get Your Life Back and downloadable materials from the website to help your clients progress

Take Away

  • A free chapter from Get Your Life Back: The Most Effective Therapies For A Better You
  • Tools and techniques to guide you and your client through CBT+

The Trainer

Dr Fiona Kennedy is a respected and knowledgeable, fun trainer with a knack of making complex concepts accessible without losing their richness. She has edited the book “Cognitive Behavioural Approaches To The Understanding And Treatment Of Dissociation’ with Dr David Pearson and Dr Helen Kennerley, and written “Get Your Life Back: The Most Effective Therapies For A Better You”, which is a self help book integrating CBT, DBT, ACT and CFT. She has a special interest in trauma and dissociation


Live webinar, with interactive opportunities to ask questions, make comments and give feedback to exercises, with responses from the speaker. Available to view again up to six weeks after the event