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Post-traumatic responses can involve fight or flight (PTSD) or shutting down (dissociation). This webinar is about the shutting down reactions: spacing out, freezing in terror, amnesia, out of body experiences, and personality problems. This often happens when the person has been helpless and unable to escape, when fight or flight doesn’t work.

Between 15 and 30 percent of PTSD clients experience dissociation symptoms. For example, around a third of women who are raped are paralysed and unable to respond during their ordeal. These kinds of responses during a trauma are triggered and re-experienced later. Yet dissociation remains unfamiliar and anxiety provoking to many clinicians. Therapists often feel at a loss when facing such symptoms in the therapy room.

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A CBT model of dissociation and how to use it practically with clients

Pierre Janet was one of the first to describe dissociation in in 1889. But it has taken until recently for us to start talking about it in CBT. We know that dissociation involves psychological processes leading to shutting down of normal information processing.

This 2 hour webinar is a brief introduction to a CBT model of dissociation. It shows how we can use this to understand many challenging psychological problems. Dissociation plays a big role in dissociative identity disorder and depersonalisation disorder. But also in eating disorders, borderline personality disorder (BPD), psychosis, somatoform disorders, OCD and anxiety disorders.

We will use clinical examples and live demonstrations to show how PTSD involves dissociation and how to treat it.

Learn how to

  • Assess for dissociation
  • Identify the three ‘levels’ of dissociation
  • Understand personality problems as the result of dissociation
  • Manage ‘spacing out’ in sessions
  • Understand how past trauma produces hallucinations
  • Explain dissociation to clients
  • Use simple strategies to reduce dissociation in client’s everyday life and in the therapy room

Take Away

The Trainer

Dr Fiona Kennedy is a respected and knowledgeable, fun trainer with a knack of making complex concepts accessible without losing their richness. She has edited the book “Cognitive Behavioural Approaches To The Understanding And Treatment Of Dissociation’ with Dr David Pearson and Dr Helen Kennerley, and written “Get Your Life Back: The Most Effective Therapies For A Better You”, which is a self help book integrating CBT, DBT, ACT and CFT. She has a special interest in trauma and dissociation

Date and Time

Thursday June 13th 2019

11.00 am – 1.00 pm


Live webinar, with interactive opportunities to ask questions, make comments and give feedback to exercises, with responses from the speaker. Available to view again up to six weeks after the event


Early bird £35

Full rate £40

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Early bird ends June 6th 2019

Want More?

A deep dive into dissociation is the second day of our two day event Working With PTSD And Dissociation venue in central London and on live webinar Sept 19th and 20th 2019.

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