Dr Fiona Kennedy

BA (Hons) M Clin Psychol D Clin Psych C Psychol AFBPS
Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Fiona enjoys consulting to groups and individuals on performance maximisation and change management, after 19 years developing and managing services. She has worked as an NHS Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Director of Service, a university Honorary Lecturer, and is also an accredited cognitive-behavioural Practitioner, Trainer and Supervisor. She now practises independently.

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She has delivered training at many levels in specialist topics such as managing emotions, coping with traumatic events, overcoming obstacles to maximum performance. She supervises and trains Consultants and others. As Chief Examiner for the British Psychological Society she ensured candidates entering the profession from related fields were properly examined on reports of professional activity and research dissertations, maintaining examiner standards and resolving queries and disputes.

Her own research has focused on changing addictive behaviour, reactions to traumatic events and service delivery issues. She has presented and published nationally and internationally. Fiona has developed e mail consultation using cognitive behavioural change strategies as a new way of offering effective interventions conveniently and confidentially. Services Fiona has created have received a Clinical Excellence award from BUPA and citation as an example of good practice by the National Audit Office.

Rob Chappel

BA Msc Post Msc C Psychol AFBPS
Chartered Counselling Psychologist

Rob spent the first two decades of his working life as an engineer, initially mechanical then through electrical engineering onto electronics and associated fields. For the last 15 years he has worked as an NHS psychologist, as well as having a thriving private practice.

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He is Lead Psychologist to a busy London borough, managing a large team of psychological therapists as well as seeing clients himself. He is also occupational health psychologist at a major London university. This involves assisting professionals to deal with issues before they become problems, conflict resolution and more recently assisting with change management in response to economic downturn. He delivers training, particularly teaching how to use ‘solution focused’ conversational styles and the management of stress, and he mentors senior professionals. Rob’s research interests include studying how people can learn to recognise the importance of the choices that they make in their lives and how to make choices based upon logic rather than emotion.

Gill Green

BA (Hons) M Clin Psychol D Clin Psych C Psychol AFBPS
Chartered Clinical Psychologist

People say that I’m very easy to work with; I’m down to earth and practical (I call a spade a spade) but I’m also warm and supportive. I’ve been a clinical psychologist since qualifying in 1987. My roots are firmly in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT); I trained in Oxford at the time when CBT was being developed and I was fortunate enough to be supervised by Aaron Beck, widely acknowledged as the founder of this approach. CBT has developed since that time and I regularly undertake training and supervision to broaden my skills.   I include approaches such as mindfulness and other elements of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help people with a wide range of difficulties, including anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties.

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As well as working with individual clients as a clinical psychologist, I also work with organisations worldwide, coaching and training business leaders and their teams to lead and perform better (thereby achieving their business objectives).I am passionate about health and wellbeing at work, and I am conducting research with several organisations, looking at how increased work pressure can lead to bullying, sickness and absence.

Following the 2016 German Wings tragedy, I am also developing training resources for a number of airlines, to increase awareness of mental health problems amongst pilots. As part of this I am involved in training pilots to offer peer support to their colleagues. I am a chartered clinical psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological society, and I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Stephen Markus

BA (Hons) M Clin Psychol D Clin Psych C Psychol AFBPS
Chartered Clinical Psychologist

I am a warm, insightful person, with over 12 years of experience working as a psychologist in various settings. An accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapy practitioner, I specialise in providing skills-based approaches to help manage emotions. This helps us cope with challenging events and adverse life experiences. We can also use these skills to achieve happier and more stable interpersonal relationships.

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I am familiar with managing longstanding complex difficulties as well as common problems resulting from work and life stressors. I work with interpersonal problems, loss, and transitions of various kinds, both personal and work-related.

I offer individual help to improve self-esteem and confidence; to enhance interpersonal effectiveness and resilience, and to address self-damaging behaviours such as drug and alcohol misuse.

I work with a variety of people including professionals, to help them to overcome obstacles to maximum performance, realise their full potential, and achieve their goals.

I develop and deliver individual and group programs targeting chronic fatigue and stress-related problems. I help people build resilience and enhance productivity whilst achieving balanced lifestyles.

I provide supervision to clinicians and to managers, as well as mentoring and training for the workforce. I design staff training to enable people to achieve professional clinical qualifications, and I help them to develop post qualification.

I am particularly interested in CBT and mindfulness and use mindfulness-based CBT in much of my work. I can offer training in the therapeutic use of mindfulness and how to combine it with CBT.

Mindfulness and CBT have been shown through research to be effective in treating anxiety, depression, eating problems, PTSD, chronic pain and many other conditions.

Johathan Hutchins  

BA (Hons) M Clin Psychol D Clin Psych C Psychol AFBPS
Chartered Clinical Psychologist

I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who is accredited in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and I am a Consultant in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR). I work with my clients to help them to overcome any previous traumatic experiences that may be impacting on them in the here and now.

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We do this in a safe and effective way, in order to help them to manage difficult emotions and to have better relationships. I also work with many problems including anxiety, depression, addictions, family problems etc.

I offer CBT supervision and training.